Sharon Butler

I fractured my hip in August 2018 and stayed 5 days in Jefferson Manor. The setting is lovely and quiet with green space visible from each room. There is a large patio area which provides plenty of space to go outdoors in a wheelchair. The physical therapy and occupational therapy department was awesome. Dennis, physical therapist , was there every day and actually made it a point to come in on Saturday, my admission day. While there I learned to use a walker and crutches. Dennis worked very hard to get me ready for discharge. Amy Steele, the occupational therapist, taught me to use a shower bench and hand held shower. I learned to get in and out of bed and to pick up items from the floor as well as how to dress myself. Amy advised me of all the equipment and supplies I would need at home, provided safety advice, and told me how to order equipment for home use. Thanks to this excellent preparation I was able to manage quite nicely at home. (I live alone).
I cannot say enough good things about the staff. They conducted themselves in a most professional manner. I could trust them to distribute medications according to professional guidelines. I felt safe and secure because the staff knew exactly what they were supposed to do and how to do it. Everyone there appeared to work well together and things were done in a timely manner.
I was also impressed by the professional interaction between staff and patient. Everyone appeared to work very hard to meet the needs of the patient. The dietary department adjusted the menu to accommodate my vegetarian diet. All in all I was extremely impressed. This facility is very neat and clean with the only exception of the badly stained carpet in my room. Had I been there longer I would have requested the carpet changed or cleaned. The staff is very accommodating to special requests.. I would highly recommend this facility.